Company Overview

ECSP is a consulting engineering firm that provides planning, design and supervision services for all types of engineering projects. The Company in a short period has inducted highly trained professionals who have endeavored to produce quality work for ECSP on projects worth billions of rupees. Clients have placed full trust in ECSP in meeting deadlines as well as required specifications and quality.


The Company aims at meeting the following objectives;

Organizational Structure

ECSP is managed by a Board of Directors, comprising the Chairman and six (6) other Directors from both the government and the private sectors. For running day to day affairs of the Company, the Managing Director, who has valuable experience in top management positions, is assisted by four General Managers (GMs). The GMs are highly qualified and have extensive professional experience in their respective fields. Presently, the Company has the following five (5) technical divisions and an independent IT section:


ECSP is presently providing consultancy services on some important projects being executed by the Government of the Punjab in various sectors. The Company is adequately equipped with the technical knowledge and professional expertise to provide services on a broad spectrum of developmental projects, ranging from concept development to completion and operation.

ECSP is engaged on a wide range of medium to large size projects in the following areas:

Besides employing regular staff for the Company, a panel of highly competent and experienced professionals in various fields of engineering are hired on a need basis. The professionals are engaged as and when required to provide guidance in specialized areas.

Company’s Approach

ECSP is geared to provide consultancy services on a broad spectrum of development projects ranging from conceptual development to completion and operation of projects. We intend to expand our services to include economic and environmental sectors. After establishing a credible repertoire of experience in design and construction supervision projects, the company intends to explore overseas business in the not too distant future.